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Atlus has asked those of us in the gaming press to give all potential players a heads up.  Apparently, Atlus won’t have it’s North American servers online until the day of launch. So for anyone who somehow manages to pick up the game early, trying to sign in to PSN will immediately lead to an error message, which will then require you to continue playing offline.  Here is the full press release from Atlus.

Friends in the gaming press,
We need your help!  Well, sort of :)
Because this is a major release for Atlus we are shipping a metric poop-ton of Demon's
Souls, everyone's favorite soul-crushing action RPG for PS3, in preparation for
the game's release on Tuesday 10/6.  The quantities are larger and less manageable
than a typical Atlus niche game release.
That part is fine.
The part that might be a little confusing for our loving customers, and we have
no easy way of getting the word out to them (this is where you come in), is that
 the official North American servers will not be running until 10/6.
What this means is that users that might manage to pick the game up early and start
it up will get an immediate PSN error and have to start playing offline.
Basically, if you're able to post any sort of article that explains to your readership
that if they get an early copy they'll have to wait until launch day to play online,
it would ensure that there's as little worry, panic, confusion, mass hysteria, riots
in the streets, armaggeddons, etc... as possible.

Thank you, friends!
Vanguard - Demon's Souls

It’s very cool that Atlus seems 110% behind this stunning title. Also very cool of them to get the word out in a very nice and cleverly worded way. So for those of you salivating over your unwrapped copy of Demon Souls right now, know that you will unfortunately have to wait until the game launches on October 6th before going online. Enjoy the game!