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In my recent time with the Xbox Live Update, I was graced with Halo Waypoint, the “everything Halo app” that gives Intel, Campaign data, and upcoming events. And then a peculiar thing happened: I got an Avatar Award. That’s right folks, Avatar Awards are starting to show up. Halo Waypoint comes with 11 individual awards (5 for each gender, one for both), including a Recon Helm, an ODST Helm, ODST Armor, a hoodie, a t-shirt, and a Waypoint AI Companion. Not only that, but the new Left 4 Dead 2 has also been confirmed to have Avatar Awards. This includes a Med Kit, a Bull Shifter shirt, a Left 4 Dead 2 shirt, a Zombie Hand shirt, and a Depeche Mode shirt. This is a pleasant surprise to see an influx of Avatar Awards, even though they’re only available to those with the Update right now. There’s even been talk of Modern Warfare 2 having some interesting awards as well. Let’s hope that Microsoft keeps it steady.