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Melbournian Street Fighter 4 fans can rejoice; Battle Arena Melbourne is set to become the largest fighting game tournament in Victoria.

Street Fighter 4 video game logo

Of course the biggest is Street Fighter 4 single and team events, but they will also be holding tournaments for BlazBlue, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Melee and of course 3rd Strike. The event will run October 10th and 11th at The Victoria Hotel in Melbourne and promises to be host to the biggest and most wide spread fighting game tournament ever organised in Melbourne.

This is fantastic news for the fighting game community, as the hosts look to hold this tournament on a yearly basis. With proper support from the community this could be the start of big things to come. Those interested in registering can find the info here.

Also me and my brother are looking for another player to play in the team event. If you happen to live in Melbourne, and are interested then email me at