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Well, if you take a look at Bioware’s official site in the center of the site is a timer counting down to Sunday. Directly above it is an ad for Mass Effect 2, they’re critically acclaimed RPG. Could it be something related to that? Mass Effects latest DLC is scheduled for an April 6th release, so? Maybe it is related to Dragon Age, they’re other breathe-taking RPG, who knows, just be sure to tune it as we will have you updated with more.

So, what do you think it is? Please post your thoughts.

UPDATED: Bioware has finally shed some light on the mysterious case involving the mysterious clock that appeared on the official site a few days ago.  Now when this clock appeared speculation of the subject went up in mayhem from Mass Effect to the Ps3, to Mass Effect 3 being announced and others, but the real big news is the clock actually counts down to an “Epic Bioware Community Event”, and who knows what will happen there. Keep your eye’s glued on this site, as we will keep you updated with any new info.

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