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God Damn it Blizzard, can you not control your player base? Every time I log in I get a PM asking if I want to polish some Night Elf’s “Staff of Rigidity”! I jest of course, I would never sink so low as to install World of Warcraft on my PC, it would be an affront to all the fun games I currently have installed.

According to EuroGamer though, this tawdry behavior has been occurring quite frequently in certain hot-spots for lewdness on certain North American servers, prompting one father to cancel his son’s WoW account.

When the players father took his concerns to the forums, a WoW rep gave this response…

“The game operator did actively police offensive behaviour in public chat channels and via unsolicited in-game messages – although it leaves consensual private messages and party chat alone. With millions of players in hundreds of servers and thousands of channels, it is impossible to manually monitor everywhere”.

Those of you not looking to catch a “propositioned by another dude in-game +5″ might want to steer clear of the Goldshire Inn on Moon Guard.