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We’re continuing our coverage of Serious Sam with the fantastic box art for Serious Sam HD being released.

It comes via devolverdigital’s twitpic and you can view it in all its awesomeness below.

The matching XBLA box art can be found here. We think Sam’s bouncing back from the disappointment that surrounded Serious Sam II. It wasn’t a bad game at all, but it certainly felt like it was jumping the shark/nuking the fridge.

Meanwhile, the competition for one-liners to be featured in the game has finished. The two winning lines were:

  • “Is it just me or did everything around here get a lot better looking? Where’s a mirror?”
  • “SAMCIDE!”

If you want to see the game on PSN, read about the petition! And if you want more of Sam in action, check out new screenshots here.