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The Call of Duty franchise has come out with another home run. The Elite app is here on the iOS platform, it allows gamers to access the free Call of Duty Elite services. The Elite app allows gamers access their player data and statistics connecting to the network either 3G or Wi-Fi. Gamers can access their MW3 recent match statistics, various multiplayer challenges and weapon loadout classes. Just like the web based Elite services you can make changes to the custom weapons classes and send the changes to your console to be ready for use the next time you play a multiplayer match. The aesthetics and functionality of the Elite iOS app are complimentary to the web based services and are easily navigated regardless of the proficiency of the user. When it comes to the comparison to the web based and console access of the Elite services the amount information available to the user and premium members has not been incorporated into the iOS app as of yet, but the as we have been learning that Call of Duty Elite is an evolving service and is always improving and updating the content available to the gaming community. The Elite app is free and at this moment is only available to the public on the iPad, iPod and iPhone. The Android version of the app will be available to the public in the near future.