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I apologize for these being less than punctually posted, but I’ve just acquired one of those annoying real life jobs that keeps me out in the afternoon, thus inhibiting my editor-in-chief-iness. That being said, I’ve just logged on to my GamesPress account to find Capcom has released their first official batch of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 screens to the press. Halfway between salivation and excitement-induced-blackout I must have clicked the “download” button, because by the time I woke up, they were on my desktop, waiting to be uploaded.

But all fanboyism aside, I’ve taken the liberty of crafting a gallery of screens for you guys below the jump, in addition to adding some comments about what’s observable thus far, in terms of aesthetic and level design. As for character display, Marvel is hewing very closely to what’s already been revealed, with screens only showing off Wolverine, Ryu, Hulk, Iron Man, and Morrigan (he says, grumbling over the lack of any significant character reveals).

So without further adieu, and my apologies for my day-job, enjoy Capcom’s first taste of MvC3!

Wolverine and Ryu Marvel vs Capcom 3 screenshot 1                 Marvel vs Capcom 3 screenshot 8                 Marvel vs Capcom 3 screenshot 7                 Marvel vs Capcom 3 screenshot 5

Marvel vs Capcom 3 screenshot 4                 Marvel vs Capcom 3 screenshot 3                 Marvel vs Capcom 3 screenshot 2                 Hulk in Marvel vs Capcom 3 screenshot 6

  • In the screens provided, Capcom seems to be doing a great job of delivering on their plan to imbue the title with the much-loved 2D flair of the rest of the series; character sprites and in-game environments seem vibrant and eye-catching in their upgrade to next-gen graphics, and action-heavy shots  promise spectacular versions of the character’s signature attacks. While distinctly different than Street Fighter IV, I’m personally a bigger fan of what I’m seeing here.
  • Levels included so far seem to be a downtown New York setting seemingly out of the Spiderman film universe, and a street level locale in the same setting (populated by Daily Bugle stands); perhaps both are a part of the same level, with characters being shown fighting at different potential areas. Moreover, there seems to be a lego-based stage not derived from any particular title (though if I’m wrong, please post to point out where you recognize it from), and filled with adorable and oblivious lego figures.

[Update: In my complete ass-wrinkelery, and my not-having-played-Megaman-Legends-eryI  made the poor guess that the Lego-like creatures in several of the above screens were, well, Lego, rather than Servobots from the Megaman Legends universe. Thanks to poster ‘Gertrude’ for a) correcting me, as I specifically asked people to in brackets after my guess, and b) providing the Koku Staff with a nickname that I’ll never escape.]