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Certain conditions may have been met to explain the appearance of Catwoman and others in Arkham Asylum.

This faux article on this new viral marketing website for Batman: Arkham Asylum claims that prisoners from the Batman universe’s Blackgate Prison are being temporarily moved to Arkham Asylum due to a fire in the former.

A quick look on (the ever reliable) wikipedia suggests that there could be a whole host of villains who have been inmates at the prison, including some famous names: Catwoman, Two-Face, Calender Man & Ventriloquist.

The most notable is Catwoman who, according to those more holier-than-thou, has never appeared in Arkham Asylum; what better way to explain it? Also, Two-Face may already be appearing in the game according to the imdb cast.

But a faux interview on the Arkham Care website claims that both Harvey Dent/Two-Face and Ventriloquist have been “cured”. Calender Man may also be another popular character who could appear in the game.

It’s all riddle me this riddle me that; c’mon Eidos, give us the facts!