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Legendary football management game Championship Manager 2010 has joined together with the online scouting resource IMScouting.

The deal was announced in this press release and is yet another sign that Beautiful Game Studios are looking to rival Football Manager 2010, which was just announced.

IMScouting is used by a number of managers, coaches, agents and scouts to find their ideal signings. It features a massive database of player data that includes logs of past player injuries, contact details, estimated value & salary, playing styles, contracts, player status and performance.

It’s all quite impressive looking and the site is used by some high-profile “customers” (i.e clubs). It seems that the team at Beautiful Game Studios and Eidos are taking this year more seriously than SI Games and SEGA. We’ve seen how resting on your laurels has affected the FIFA vs. PES battle in the past.

I’m probably going to go for FM 2010 this year…but it’s the first time in a half a decade I’ve considered buying Championship Manager. That’s considered though…still not buying.

The game should be arriving on September 11th this year.