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Carl on duty black copsIt’s that time again! If you all remember from my last article, myself and several of the esteemed individuals from the GameFAQs Forums went out of our way to discover some of the hidden perks within Call of Duty: Black Ops. Well, we did it again and this time…we discovered some hidden Challenges as well! So with that, I present to you another collection of the Hidden Perks and Challenges contained within Black Ops! But first, I want to thank the user seankimberly42 for inspiring me to write this. Thanks bro!!


Oh No You Don’t!

Any player who is trying to flank the enemy team will have the opposing team spawn behind him/her and kill him/her.

Pro Version: The enemy team automatically knows where you are.

I Know You’re There…

No matter how long you stare at a door, the minute you turn around someone will walk out and kill you.

Pro Version: It seems like everyone knows exactly where you are at all times.

Lagger Swagger

Anytime you are ADS(Aiming down sights) at an enemy you will lag, allowing him/her to kill you.

Pro Version: Every knife attack you perform will suddenly lag and miss.

Cut The Blue Wire!

Enemy Team can defuse in half the time.

Pro Version: Enemy Team can plant in half the time.

Gone With The Wind

Any enemy you shoot will completely disappear around corners

Pro Version: The enemy will suddenly appear behind you out of nowhere, scoring a free kill.


You win 80% of 1-0n-1 gunfights due to superior connection

Pro Version: Utilizing your connection, you can turn around and kill someone while they are desperately shooting you.

Is He Eating It?

You always join lobbies in which someone is speaking very loud and the quality is terrible, making you think that said person is eating their microphone.

Pro Version: The very same person aforementioned is now playing terrible music in the background.

The Charlie Sheen

You are always WINNING!

Pro Version: Epic WINNING!

The 12-Year Old

You always get a group of kids who trash talk in-game.

Pro Version: They are all singing Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black.

Son of a…

Everytime you throw a flashbang, you end up blinding yourself.

Pro Version: Every Semtex you throw will stick to the edge of the door or window next to you.

It’s All Up To You

You become the Last Man Standing in a Search & Destroy, thus causing panic and effecting your aim significantly.

Pro Version: As soon as you are the L.M.S., you accidentally kill yourself causing epic lulz to be had at your expense.

You Wann Play That Game?

When you attempt to counter a noob-tuber, you realize you have forgotten to equip the Flak Jacket perk.

Pro Version: None of your tubes explode because the enemy is always too close.


Everything you dish out passes harmlessly through an enemy.

Pro Version: The effect is extended to stationary enemies. Also, lag does not factor into this anymore.

Through The Fire and Flames

An enemy’s Napalm Strike will set you on fire despite being 20+ feet away.

Pro Version: You are set on fire upon joining the game.


Welcome To France!

Get killed by a FAMAS 1000 Times

Reward: 2000xp

Disposable Asset

Finish a game of Team Death Match with a .5 Kill/Death Ratio or lower

Reward: 5000xp

Get Destroyed!

Play against a full party by yourself.

Reward: 5000xp

Like A Boss!

Play against a full party by yourself and win the match.

Reward: 10,000xp

Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

Shoot an entire clip into an enemy and still get killed by their knife.

Reward: 2000xp


Part 1: Fire all you L9A61 ammo whilst hip-firing and miss EVERY shot.

Reward: 500xp

Part 2: Same as above, but you have to finish the game from beginning to end with a 0.1 K/D Ratio or less.

Reward: 1000xp

Part 3: Same as above, but you have to dashboard or kill you game connection with less than 10 seconds of game time remaining.

Reward: 3000xp

There you have it readers! A nice, tasty list of more of those Hidden Perks in Call of Duty: Black Ops we all love so fucking much! As always, I would like to personally thank the following GameFAQs users for their input:












Those of you who didn’t make the cut, I thank you anyway! So, this once again begs the question: “How many more hidden perks are still there?” Well, I guess we’ll need to keep looking for them, won’t we? As always…Never chance GameFAQs…never chance.