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Carl on duty black copsHidden perks, you say? Yes, they do exist! In this article, I will outline all the most common hidden perks in the Multiplayer of Call Of Duty: Black Ops all discovered by users on the forums of GameFAQs! Here is the list. Enjoy!

Can You Hear Me Now?

Every time you put down a Jammer, it is hacked in about 10 seconds.

Pro Version: Every time you put down a Motion Sensor, it is hacked in about 5 seconds.

Magnet Jacket

Enemy bullets always hit you when you are in a group.

Pro Version: Crossbow bolts gravitate toward you.

Frag Magnet

All thrown, rolling frag grenades will change direction and roll towards you.

Pro Version: Grenades randomly thrown across the map will explode and kill you, but not the other 5 teammates around you.

Share Package

Enemies instantly spawn nearby any care packages you receive.

Pro Version: When you use a care package, the entire enemy team spawns by it and you spawn on the opposite end of the map.

Bend The Bullet

Your enemy kills you even if you seemingly turned the corner and got into cover.

Pro Version: Using cover does nothing and you take the maximum damage.


You have a temporal field around you that slows all enemies down.

Pro Version: You always play against people using the Uzi or RPK.

Longshot LOL!

You will never get long shots despite good aim.

Pro Version: Your enemy will long shot you with a Skorpion on large maps(Example: Array).

Fail To The King

The instant you become the highest scoring player on your team your location is highlighted on the enemy map.

Pro Version: Your location and upcoming spawn point will be highlighted for the opposing team to see.

Quick Draw

Even though you started shooting the enemy first, he will kill you with one shot.

Pro Version: His/Her back is to you.

The Losing Edge

When joining a Headquarters game that’s already in-progress, you joining the losing team.

Pro Version: You join the losing team of a Headquarters game, with 30 seconds left in a round. When the game is over the lobby closes, making you join a another Headquarters game on the losing team.

Express Delivery

The enemy team receives a care package within the first ten seconds of every match.

Pro Version: The enemy team receives a care package containing Attack Dogs within the first minute of every match.

There you have it! A nice list of the hidden perks within Call Of Duty: Black Ops! How many more are there? I guess you’ll have to find them for yourselves!

**Editor’s Note: I would like to personally thank the following GameFAQs users for their input:


To everyone else who didn’t make the cut, I’d like to thank you too! Always remember…Never chance GameFAQs….never chance.**

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