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EA Los Angeles’ latest entry into the popular and often critically acclaimed Command & Conquer series, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, has been met with average reviews.

Eurogamer gave the game 6/10 and claimed in their review that the way the game has taken ”such a giant step away from the mechanics C&C has clung onto for so long is bold and exciting in concept, but so absolute in practice that it’s an insult to the faithful.”

Gamespot awarded the game 7/10 claiming that the online mode is fun and it’s certainly nice to look at and listen to, but “the limited focus and flabby campaign make Tiberian Twilight a disappointment nonetheless”.

And VideoGamer gave it 7/10 expressing that it is ”at times brilliant fun, but it fails as a fitting finale to one of the most loved science fiction tales in gaming”.

It’s currently sitting at 70 on Metacritic and 68.93% on GameRankings.

The overall verdict from what we’ve read thus far? It looks good, it sounds good, it plays fairly well online – but it’s boring.

Well, at least the always entertaining Joe Kucan is back as Kane. Kucan holds the Guiness World Record for “Longest Running Actor in Video Game Role” at 15 years, didn’t ya know?

It’s the third proper C&C game from EA LA (outside of three C&C expansion packs) since taking over from Redwood Studios in 2003.