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For those of you who purchased Crackdown 2, and are eagerly anticipating the DLC that had already been promised, the wait is almost over for you. On September 2nd, Xbox 360 gamers will be treated with two packs of DLC for the Ruffian Games’ outing. The first piece of DLC is free, and includes the “Keys to the City” mode (which unlocks a plethora of cheats, allowing you to romp around the city with no restrictions), the “Thruster” ability, and a new multiplayer mode entitled ”Vehicle Tag.” However, if you’d like the second pack of DLC as well, you can use 560 Microsoft Points ($7 American) and pick up the enhanced version of the package, which includes five new weapons, two new vehicles, avatar items, and ten additional achievements.

Though some of these features are nice little treats for the gamer (myself having fond memories of the Keys to the City mode from the original game), is this enough for the price? What do you, devoted readers, think about the price point, and the content offered? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments box below.

Also, if you’d like to check out Kokugamer’s review of the game, I would highly recommend Max R’s review of the game, which you can check out here.

Source: Joystiq

Teach these freaks a lesson, agent!

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