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Activision is wasting no time cracking down on pirates whom illegally distribute their upcoming FPS baby, Modern Warfare 2. As recently demonstrated by the apprehended Craigslist seller, Activision has shown that it will literally hunt down anyone that tries to get in between them and any profit their game might bring to the company.

Following the discovery of someone offering a Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 bundle on Craigslist, the publisher wasted no time in hiring a private investigator to track down and apprehend the suspect.

After IPCyberCrime tracked down the person responsible for the sell, the investigator also discovered that he was an employee at a local retailer, who had originally stolen the bundles with some friends, and planned to put them up for sell on Craigslist. The sellers were later turned over to the store’s loss prevention department.

A word of advice for all you Modern Warfare 2 pirate would-be’s, Activision is a VERY rich company. They have more than enough money to hire more than a thousand of these so called “private eyes”, and as shown by this little incident, they are not afraid to show you, or anyone else for that matter, how serious they are about not sharing profit with non-investors.

Do you guys think this is fair on Activision’s side, or should we have the right to do whatever we like online?

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[via VentureBeat]