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As with all puzzle games, Critter Crunch is a terribly addicting puzzle game available on the Playstation Network. There are a few different game modes but they all revolve around one concept. You are a furry looking creature named Biggs and you use your tongue to grab bugs. Biggs needs to take small bugs and feed them to bigger ones until they explode dropping jewels. You can create large chains of explosions when multiple bugs of the same color are touching. The different game modes are adventure, puzzles, co-op and versus.

Adventure mode is where you meet Biggs for the first time and travel around the island he lives on helping him maintain the balance of the islands ecosystem. At first you’ll learn the basics of the game how Biggs is doing all this in order to help feed his family. He brings along his son which at certain points during a level if you build up enough chains you can “barf” rainbows into your sons mouth, giving you bonus points. You will also unlock puzzles as you progress through the adventure mode which can be played through the adventure island or by going to puzzles on the main menu.

Puzzles can be frustrating at times but then again they are suppose to be. What happens is you are presented with a level with a certain combination of bugs and you are given so many moves.Your job is to clear the level within those moves. If you’re finding yourself stuck on one my advise is to just start grabbing bugs and chucking them places. You’ll either get lucky and open up a combination of moves or you’ll suddenly realize what you’ve been missing and can solve it on the next restart. There are no penalties for multiple tries so keep going till you solve it!

Your multiplayer modes are pretty standard. In Co-op you and a friend work together in an attempt to see how long you can survive as bugs continue to come down. As the levels progress the speed picks up, more annoying bugs spawn and crap just goes crazy! And in versus you compete against your friend to see who can defeat the other.

What makes the game a challenge is the variety of creatures you will encounter. Your main medium and large bugs each come in two colors plus they will have “vegetarian” version of themselves. Meaning they won’t eat other bugs and you won’t find any plants to feed them so you are forced to get them into chains and have them explode. That or feed them to someone bigger! There are bombs and electrical bugs that explode in a radius. My favorite has to be the angle bug. When it explodes it kills every other bug the same color as the one it was chained too.

After doing a little more searching I discovered this game is also available on the iPhone so those of you without PS3 can still check it out. If you’re into puzzle games and enjoy rich vibrant colors that comes with Critter Crunch. Than you will enjoy this game. I picked it up last week while it was on sale for $3.49 and I’m unsure if this is the new permanent price or just one of the weekly sales Playstation has been attempting to get some different games out there. As all PSN games go you will be able to beat it in a decent amount of time but I’ve come to expect that when I make my purchases.

8 out of 10 Ninjas

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