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Crytek, the developer of Crysis, may be on the verge of leaving their German headquarters due to a possible ban on violent video games in the country.

The German government has had the ban – involving video games where “human or human-like characters” are harmed – opposed by nearly 70,000 e-petitioners. The government, known as the ‘Bundestag’, will have to – by law – review the ban, due to a ruling which allows such a thing to take place if 50,000 votes are reached in a petition pertaining to rulings.

Yet the government recently allowed a ruling on internet censorship to be passed, despite the public producing an e-petition with 130,000 votes. Although the government modified the ruling so that a governmental warning appears to the user when accessing any banned site, it still allows users to surf the sites.

The co-founder and President of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, signalled in 2006 that Crytek would leave the country if a ban on shooters were to go ahead. Crytek and Spellbound, creator of the new Gothic game, have been contacted for comment.

Personally, I think the ruling will prove too complex. What of games like The Sims? You can clearly harm your Sims by sending them into the middle of a fire, or by doing that old glitch where you lock them in-between four walls and watch them suffer.

Yeah, we don’t do that kind of stuff…