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Discovery are working with Crave Entertainment to publish video game versions of the popular ’Deadliest Catch’ and ‘Man vs. Wild’ TV shows.Deadliest Catch will be first up in Spring 2010 and will be published for Playstation 3, Wii and DS; whereas Man vs. Wild will spend a little longer out in the wilderness with a late 2011 release on the cards. ‘Wild’ will also be developed for the Xbox 360, as well as on the aforementioned consoles.

You may remember the previous Deadliest Catch game for the Xbox 360 (‘Alaskan Storm’) which received mediocre reviews. Betsi Gijanto, executive vice president of Crave, claimed that the first game “didn’t feel like it stayed true to the action of the show” as it was all about managing your ships.

Apparently this one is going to see you out fighting for profits on the seas, rather than taking that undignified desk job and thinking about sweet Maria, the kids back home and the humilation of letting that big one get away in ‘96. The sea be a harsh mistress.