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For anyone that go to try their hands on From Software’s Deamon’s Soul’s, the addictive gameplay was something that wasn’t entirely expected at first. Sure the level grinding and tough as nails boss battles was some of the most frustrating things anyone’s ever seen in video games, but who can deny that awesome feeling you got once you finally defeated a boss after trying for the 47th time?
Well, recently publisher Atlus announced that the game has sold so well (well over three times the predicted ammount)  that the company has appearantly decided to make the game available to European players.

So, for all those rpg hungry Europeans who never got the chance to play Deamon’s Souls, hold on tight, as listing found on the German ratings board already even suggests the handling and publishing duties will be handled by Namco Bandai.

Deamon’s Souls success and word of mouth has already even sparked a ton of chatter on the highly anticipated sequel, with some rumors even stating a Fall 2010 release date.