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I did not play DECA Sports, and I also doubt that many of you did as well. There is a looming opinion that the Wii is filled with shovelware, and that publishers simply do not care about making good games for the Wii.  Instead, they prefer to just attempt a quick cash in on the unsuspecting masses. While there have been a few exceptions to this concept, Deca Sports 2 is not one of them.

Deca Sports 2 contains ten different sports games (hint: “deca” means “ten”).  As expected, not all of them are good. What would be nice is if most of them were good. I can say that all but two of them work successfully. Of the games that work, I only considered three of them even marginally fun. I am just going to work my way from the worst to the best of these games, since I am at a loss for any other way to tackle this.
Deca Sports 2 screenshot 44
Darts requires you to hold the Wii Remote like a dart and aim using the IR sensor. Sounds decent enough, but in order to throw the dart, you have to thrust the Wii Remote forward, which throws off your aim just like you would expect it to. Petanque is Bocce Ball renamed for no apparent reason. I think it would actually be a fun sport if not for the horrible control issues. The motions work just like you think they would, but the sensitivity is either too touchy or doesn’t even seem to work.  Tennis ‘works’ in a way. I could easily play the game, but there was a pause in between when  I swung the Wii Remote and when my character actually swung the tennis racket. When Wii Sports comes packaged with every Wii, there is simply no reason to play this outside of being too lazy to swap discs. Synchronized Swimming is just a rhythm game. It works, but you will find yourself questioning who turned this terrible idea into a game, and why are you playing it.  Kendo seems like a great idea for the Wii, but coming off of the fantastic Wii Sports Resort sword fighting, it just wasn’t very fun. I can find no real fault with it, I just didn’t enjoy it. Mogul-Skiing and Speed Skating are essentially the same game. I could find some small amount of enjoyment with both, but I still found myself questioning why I was wasting my time with these sports when I could have easily played something better.
Deca Sports 2 Hockey
I found some enjoyment with Ice-Hockey. It reminded me of Hockey on the NES, but at a slower pace. Dodge Ball was entertaining, though most of it may have been from trying to figure out the strange form of dodge ball that the game contains. Road Racing is a perfectly passable motorcycle racing game if you can get past the ugly graphics. The problem with all of these games is they are too easy. There was no challenge when playing through any of them regardless of the difficulty.

My overall experience with Deca Sports 2 was that it is passable. While I found myself underwhelmed and off put by the graphics and general presentation of the game, in the long run it doesn’t really matter. The sad fact is, Deca Sports 2 simply isn’t very fun. While there exist worse games, there also are much better games, and one of them comes packaged with the Wii.