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DiRT 2 has been in the spotlight for more than 6 months, while we’ve been treated to many screenshots and videos of the singleplayer experience, not much is know about it’s multiplayer component. Recently, Codemasters Ralph Fulton talking to VideoGamer has revealed DiRT 2 will support up to eight players at once.  Unlike it’s other racing title Grid which supports up 12, DiRT 2 had a good reason to keep it at 8.

Dirt 2 Multiplayer

Ralph Fulton goes to say:

I’m at pains to stress that’s not a technical limitation,” says Fulton. “In our extensive play-testing of DiRT 2, both internally and external focus tests, we found that these types of cars on these types of tracks, 12 players just gets a little crowded, and made crashing a bit too prevalent. That takes away crucially a lot of the fun of multiplayer competition.

The fact that there is a more in-depth multiplayer this time around is good enough for DiRT fans.  8 players is enough to have some good fun since mostly other racers averaging a total of 8 players.  Look out for DiRT 2 this fall as I get ready to pwn you all.