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Do you want to get hot and sweaty on October 22 and 23? Well then you want to be inside the Anaheim Convention Center with thousands of other Blizzard fans at BlizzCon 2010. Tickets go on sale, June 2nd at 7PM PDT and June 5th at 10AM PDT, for  a large $150 dollars. If you really, really, really, want to attend Blizzards official convention, then you better be ready to purchase your ticket fast, as tens of thousands other fans will try to snatch those tickets away before you do. Last year tickets were sold to over 30,000 enthusiastic fans in less than 30 minutes. So practice your fast typing with Mavis Beacon, because this is one event every Blizzard fan should attend.

So whats there at BlizzCon? Well not only is there a goody bag filled with digital and physical Blizzard swag that cannot be found anywhere else, excluding Ebay. But there is the bragging rights of getting to play Blizzards upcoming games like Diablo 3, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and hopefully the next installment of StarCraft 2 before any of your other friends do. Also a special closing ceremony performed by pretty awesome people like Ozzy Osborne, Patton Oswalt, and Tommy Tallarico. And lets not forget the people you can meet that have the same interest as you, like ( replace this with whatever Blizzard game you are currently addicted too ) or ( replace this with a yearly made Activison game that you use to like ).

However if you are part of the unfortunate tens of thousands of other Blizzard fans that cannot attend BlizzCon because ( replace this with hundreds of reasons you cannot go ) but have DIRECTV as your television provider, there will be a pay per view package to watch all of BlizzCon’s events, panels, and games from the comfort of your couch or computer screen for $40. Sadly if you are not a DIRECTV costumer and cannot attend the convention, you will have to watch it on YouTube or read about everything you are missing at BlizzCon over the internet.

Also please keep in thought when purchasing your ticket that you will be in a crowd like in the picture below, but indoors where it will be freaking hot, sweaty, and crowded, so claustrophobic people right want to think rethink about attending.

Large crowd during Blizz con inAnaheim Convention Center

Via [Blizzard]