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Finally, Bioware is set to release the DLC pack that, what I’m assuming, is the one that the majority of us have been waiting for. The Witch Hunt DLC pack will release on September 7th to the tune of 560 Microsoft Points, or $6.99 on the Playstation Network.

As one would expect from a DLC pack that is named “Witch Hunt”, Bioware is looking to tie up the final loose end from the Origins story lines by reintroducing Morrigan a year after the Arch-Demon has been defeated.

For those of you that did not hook up with Morrigan during the campaign, stop reading now and go start another play through, as I’m about to spoil some major story points. For those of us who did give Morrigan the “high hard one” at the campaigns climax, we know that after the battle Morrigan hit the road all about uber-preggars never to be seen again, until now. Morrigan has been spotted in the Southern Wilderness and it’s up to the Grey Warden to find out what she is up to, and possibly ram a sword through his own demon spawn….sweet!

Key Features:

* Confront Morrigan in this dramatic conclusion to the Origins storyline
* Earn powerful rewards that transfer into your Awakening and Origins campaign
* Import your character from Origins or Awakening or create a new, high-level hero!

Source: The Gaming Liberty