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Speculation has been rife over the past few months when it comes to ‘Epic Mickey’. Now we have finally began to learn the first few details about Disney’s upcoming nightmarish game.

What is known so far is:

– The game is a puzzle/adventure style game that involves Mickey restoring the Disney world
– Mickey’s tools include paintbrushes, erasers, thinner, pencils and “more”
– The tools mapped to Wiimote movements
– The Storyline involves a world where forgotten Disney characters and rides disappear to
– The characters cast off into this world become bitter and broken-down
– Oswald the Rabbit runs this forgotten world (An early Disney creation)
– Oswald is jealous of Mickey’s popularity, and wants revenge
– The Phantom Blot is also unleashed, and it’s goal is to wipe out Mickey and the cartoon world
– The Phantom Blot starts to take over Mickey’s world, and Mickey aims to stop him
– Mickey will be getting a makeover that is quite retro-styled

From the concept art that surfaced a while ago to the few pictures we have been privy too, Epic Mickey is looking… well, epic! The steampunk, post-apocalyptic theme the game appears to be centered around looks fantastic, surreal, dark and captivating all at the same time. For instance, look at poor Goofy below. It is very reminiscent of a Tim Burton movie.

Goofy Zombie

If the game can keep this idea present and has gameplay/script to match and then I think we’ll maybe have something wholly unique and amazing on our hands.

Disney has actually yet to officially confirm the game, presumably it is waiting until Gameinformer’s cover issue is out on sale. Epic Mickey is supposedly a Wii exclusive (though rumours of a PS3 version have surfaced) and is set for release next fall in 2010.