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As has been said before, nobody in Fable 2 wanted to play as a henchman. Well, it seems that for those interested in playing co-op in the series’ third installment, you won’t have that problem. Yes, it seems that Lionhead Studios have listened to the demands of the fans, and want to craft a solid co-op experience for the player. According to Lionhead, the reason that the henchman system was in there was due to the fact that co-op was introduced late in the development cycle, and the story was shaped around a strictly single player experience. So, what is Lionhead changing exactly?

According to Peter Molyneux, each character will have the opportunity to see how the world can change within Fable’s universe. However, despite the choices of the host character, the character you bring into their world will stay the same. Along with that, any sort of experience, gold, and any extra items gained from the co-op session will go back with the player into their single-player experience. Along with that, your dog will travel with you as well. You can also venture off and do your own quests, provided you don’t go too far.

Here is Peter Molyneux explaining that particular restriction:

“The only thing is when they leave a level – and levels are pretty big – then they both have to agree to leave that level at that time. There’s a mining camp, there’s a village, there’s a demon door, there’s a lot of playability in the levels. Some of the levels are four times larger than the ones in Fable 2. It seems like a bit of a restriction but it doesn’t really feel like that.”

On top of the aforementioned benefits, you can also marry your co-op partner. If you’d rather not do that, you can instead become a buisiness partner to keep it professional. However, it seems that the folks at Lionhead don’t want that to get into the middle of your virtual sex life, so you can still bone your co-op partner, and even have a kid if you don’t wear protection. Well, they’re certainly throwing everything but the kitchen sink into this, aren’t they?

via Joystiq

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-Micah C