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Bethesda is well known for producing some of the best use if sound in their titles. Bethesda is also known for getting big name actor and under using them to the degree where they are almost pointless. Well Bethesda’s new way round this problem is to hire a ton of celebrities, thus insuring that their latest title ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ is brimming with quality voice work through-out. Of course the title is actually being developed by Obsidian, but the voice work seems to still fall with Bethesda Softworks.

The Fallout franchise has taken narratives in interactive entertainment to the next level, and we could not be more excited about the all-new celebrity lineup for Fallout: New Vegas,” said Pete Hines, Vice President of PR and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks. “The voice acting provided by these actors helps drive the compelling and immersive story of Fallout and further adds to the overall game play experience.”

Once again Ron Perlman makes himself known as the narrator for the Fallout Series, having played this role for every major Fallout title. Michael Dorn, who you may know from Star Trek the Next Generation, also returns as Marcus the intelligent super mutant from Fallout 2. A new addition to the cast Matthew Perry (Chandler) plays Benny, a two faced smooth talking gangster. Raul (Danny Trejo) the ghoul mechanic, Arcade (Zach Levi) a member of the ‘Followers of the Apocalypse’ and Veronica (Felicia Day) a ‘Brotherhood of Steel’ Scribe, all act as playable companions.

Bethesda Softworks promises more celebrities to be scattered around the world as cameos in the game, but for now leaves us with a list of confirmed actors and actresses we can expect to hear from on the 22nd of October in European territories and slightly earlier on the 19th of October for the US.

Fallout: New Vegas features:  Golden Globe-winner and two time Emmy nominated actor Ron Perlman (“Hellboy”, “Sons of Anarachy”), Screen Actors Guild-winner and Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor Matthew Perry (“Friends”), Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton, William Sadler (“Shawshank Redemption”), Zach Levi (“Chuck”), Felicia Day (“The Guild”), Michael Dorn (“Star Trek:The Next Generation”), Kris Kristofferson (“Blade Trilogy,”), Danny Trejo (“Machete”, “From Dusk Till Dawn”), John Doman (“Mystic River”, “The Wire”) and Rene Auberjonois (“Boston Legal”, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”).

Bethesda Softworks, part of the ZeniMax Media Inc. family of companies, is a premier developer and worldwide publisher of interactive entertainment software. Titles from two of the world’s top development studios – Bethesda Game Studios and id Software – are featured under the Bethesda Softworks label and include such blockbuster franchises as DOOM®, QUAKE®, The Elder Scrolls®, Fallout®, Wolfenstein™  and RAGE™.