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While details about the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas have been leaking out over the past few months, one thing was still not exposed: how did the game actually play? Well, the folks over at IGN have kindly answered that question for us Fallout fans, showcasing the first gameplay trailer for New Vegas. While not all of the details that Obsidian has revealed are shown in the trailer (such as the ability to aim down your sights), and as Obsidian is using some of the Fallout 3 models, the trailer is probably of an early build of New Vegas, there are still quite a number of things that are shown off. For instance, the strength requirements for weapons from the original Fallouts make a return, and can clearly be seen in the Pip-Boy screen, as can the modding process. The returning Nightkin are also shown off, cloak and all, and the trailer concludes with a nice demonstration of the Archimedes II super laser. But hey, you’ve been waiting for this as long as I have, so why not see for yourself by watching the trailer below?