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Final Fantasy XIII’s UK release has seen an almost 50-50 split in sales between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, despite the series’ long history on Sony’s machines.

The game, unsurprisingly, charted at number one in the multiplatform charts. But the surprising stat was the split in sales between the consoles.

According to Eurogamer, 54% bought the Playstation 3 version which means that 46% bought the Xbox 360 version. It’s surely a massive dent to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) attempts at market dominance in the continent’s biggest market.

Something that won’t be helped by the disappointing sales of new PS3-exclusive release Yakuza 3, which only managed to chart at a disappointing 24.

Other new releases that charted included Ben 10: Alien Force – Vilgax Attacks (#13), Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II – Chaos Relic (#14), Alice in Wonderland (#34) and Sonic Classic Collection (#35).

Final Fantasy XIII has garnered sales of 5 million worldwide thus far.

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