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Up until now, Developer Remedy Entertainment has only been showing Alan Wake to the media behind closed-doors, and we always get told the same thing; “no photography, no videotaping, no direct feed.” So all we’re left with to write anything about it to you guys, are a handful of screenshots, and the possibility of an April 2010 release date.

But that all changes today. Luckily for us gamers, someone was brave enough to secretly record the demo-video shown at the Russian games show Igromir 2009. That’s right folks, you’ve heard correct. The first footage of an actual on-stage demo has been leaked onto the internet. I do have to remind you guys that while the game still looks amazingly detailed, what you are looking at is an early build, however, you can still get a really good idea for the game regardless of whether is an early build, or not.

Scroll down to check out both parts of the video. Alan Wake is scheduled to hit store shelves sometime in April of 2010 (according to the GameStop listing) exclusively on the Xbox 360.