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Rumours have circulated of Patrick Stewart’s appearance in Mass Effect 2, but it doesn’t seem that he was the name intended in BioWare’s twitter post about a very famous and good looking near-70-year old actor doing a voice. Evidence suggests that it might actually be none other than Malcolm McDowell and he may be playing the human antagonist of the game, the ‘Illusive Man’.

Star Tret Gen

The twitter post has lead to discussion at the Mass Effect forums and even BioWare developers have responded. Although the thread discusses Stewart’s possible role as the Illusive Man, despite the Twitter post not mentioning the character, the BioWare devs have not corrected any of the posters and have instead encouraged them to guess; prompting us to believe that the actor referenced in the Twitter post WILL play the Illusive Man.

Patrick Stewart, John Cleese and Michael Hogan (of Battlestar fame) have all been ruled out by BioWare devs, yet Malcolm McDowell’s name was ignored when guessed by posters. And BioWare programmer Brenon Holmes confirmed that among the names mentioned in the early part of the discussion, one of them was right. That limits us down to 36 names:

Edward James Olmos
Malcolm McDowell
Harrison Ford
William Shatner
Terence Stamp
Jeremy Irons
Leonard Nimoy
Sean Connery
Anthony Hopkins
Christopher Walken
Bill Clinton
Ron Glass
Chuck Norris
David Jason
Morgan Freeman
Michael York
Martin Sheen
Rutger Hauer
Robert De Niro
Al Pacino
Sam Neill
Tommy Lee Jones
James Caan
R. Lee Ermey
Rod Stewart
Irving Berlin
Jurgen Prochnow
Ron Perlman
Louie Anderson
Rene Auberjonois
John Hurt
David Attenborough
DC Douglas
David Warner
Lance Henriksen

While we could easily remove, at least, half of those names due to age or just plain stupidity, we’re pretty sure the winner is Mr McDowell. Why? Well, a forum poster named ‘Coach Jon’ apparently met the man at the recent Dragon*Con and asked him about Mass Effect 2:

“While getting an autograph I told him I’d heard he was involved with Mass Effect 2 and asked if there was any truth to that. He stopped writing for a second and looked around his table for about five seconds, never once making eye contact. He answered “no” and then went back to writing without even looking at me. After I complimented his work on Fallout, he made eye contact again and smiled saying he enjoyed doing voice work.”

No eye contact, no ”what in the hell is a Mass Effect?” question, a pause and a reference to enjoying voice work…hmm, we reckon BioWare should just give it up. He’s 66, a bad boy that the ladies love and he’s someone you’d be pretty stoked to work with and would make sure to Tweet about it…