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3d Flogger for NintendoFrogger, a game that most people should be familiar with, was introduced in 1981 and developed by Konami. Frogger was so popular that it spawned quite a few clones and even had several official sequels for many consoles to come. Frogger 3D is the recent addition by Konami to the Frogger name available on Nintendo 3DS.

The game opens with a single classic level of Frogger you can beat before the game continues to the main menu, but you can press A to skip this if you choose to. The beginning level seems to be the only instance of the original game. There are 3 game modes in the game, single player mode which is the new upgraded 3D version of Frogger, forever crossing an endless Frogger classic game that allows you to navigate across an infinite map with only one life, and multiplayer which allows your friends to join you, that is if they own the game.

The Single Player Mode is essentially a World Tour across several different maps with varying geographies. In order to beat each stage you must reach the goal marker 3 times in each stage to continue. Each time you reach a marker a new one will appear somewhere else on the map and you will be warped back to your original starting point. You can collect coins throughout the map for bonus points but they are not required to beat the level. There are even “Boss” stages that are scattered through the game. These are cool, but nothing that truly makes the game stand out or give it any fun.

Forever Crossing is a great mode for testing your skill in the original Frogger by seeing how far you can run with only one life to your disposal. I enjoyed pretending my frog was Jason Borne and was trying to escape the government with my slick bad ass moves. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test the multiplayer or the Streetpass functions since I didn’t know anyone who owns the game. The lack of Download and Play function was a huge downside considering that Download and Play is becoming a more common feature in DS games, even Street fighter 3D had that option so your friends didn’t have to buy the game.

Now the 3D effect wasn’t terrible unlike some of the 3D games currently available, and didn’t really hurt my eyes, but it did make some traps hard to avoid and as usual for any 3DS game staying in the “sweet spot” was tedious. Many people will find the level structures and goals to be either fun or annoying, some seem well thought out and designed and other seem to be designed poorly.

Frogger 3DS feels like a game that was designed with an Android or a iPhone game in mind and offers very little for what the price asks for. If you’re a core gamer and want more out of your experience for what you pay for Frogger 3DS is not an option you want to go with. I would suggest the game to a true Frogger fan, but beyond the beginning of the game there is nothing else retro about it and may not give you the fun replay value that it did on Xbox Live Arcade or at your local Pizzeria.