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Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Duke Nukem just will not go quietly into that eternal night will it? Rumor has it that development of the next installment in the Duke Nukem franchise has found a new home, and a none to shabby one at that. Gearbox Software, developers of Borderlands, Brother in Arms, and Aliens: Colonial Marines, is rumored to have started up development on the title where 3D Realms left off.

While Take Two still holds publishing rights, no one is confirming or denying the rumor as of yet. Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox did indicate that he would have more information to unveil at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo.

Does anyone really care anymore though? This game has been kicking around for so long that maybe it would just be better to let it die, wait five years, and start fresh with a new concept that completely relaunches the IP. I get the whole “Duke Nukem” nostalgia thing but sometimes it’s best to just cut bait.

Source: Kotaku