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A new clinical article on the neurological injuries of car surfing, which can be read HERE talks about the media’s negative role in portraying the unsafe act of car surfing and what impact it has on today’s youth. The biggest contributors to such problems are MTV’s Jackass, YouTube, and the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise.

The report points out that the rise of fatalities from car surfing even rose more after the release of Grand Theft Auto IV video game, the article even states that before the games release the numbers were declining in accidents occuring from car surfing. “During the years in which no new edition of Grand Theft Auto was released and Jackass was not aired, there was a coincident drop in car-surfing fatalities.”

We noticed that the same cities depicted in the Grand Theft Auto video games are located in 2 of the 3 states with the highest national car-surfing fatality rates standardized to population: California and Florida. Unique features of these states, such as their longer summers and greater number of days of sunshine, could be reasons for children and adolescents to spend more time outdoors and car surf,” the report mentions.

Media depictions of car surfing and times of introduction to the Public

Media Event Yr of Introduction:
Grand Theft Auto July 1998
Grand Theft Auto 2 October 1999
Jackass television series 2000–2002
Grand Theft Auto III October 2001
Jackass: The Movie October 2002
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City October 2002
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas October 2004
YouTube February 2005

At first I thought I was crazy thinking that there is not an official car surfing mini game nor can you do it in GTA games, but than after some research and people’s comments it seems as if I was right thinking such.  So the people writing the article should have done some research instead of now making them selves look bad blaming a game that does not include such actions as “car surfing”.

I don’t know what you guys think, but I find it crazy that yet again the video game industry is being blamed for such incidents.  Please share your opinion on this crazy article and crazy statements made.

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