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Guitar Hero CEO Dan Rosensweig has said that there is still hope for the music/rhythm game genre as 80% of the current console market still remains untapped.

The news comes from this interview as he spoke of Guitar Hero’s battles in the economic wars:

“[Sales are] off to a very good start even though there’s a bad economy…Less than 20% of console owners have a music game. So, there is [an] upside. Also, we are only two years into [the franchise’s launch] in Europe. And we haven’t even started thinking about Asia yet. There’s plenty of growth left…The game category has been affected [by the recession], but less than other consumer entertainment categories.”

Rosensweig hopes that the music game genre will still be the number 2 genre in video games for a second and third year in a row.

I have bought all of the main Guitar Hero series (outside of the first game), but I doubt I will be buying Guitar Hero 5…will you or have you already?