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Soviet Russia has invaded America; the war is all but lost. Communist aircraft rule the skies, the military is in tatters, and all hope seems gone. When everyone is about to give up, the President gives one last order, ‘Send out Atomic Tank’.

How you cannot be sold on that line is beyond me. Heavy Weapon starts with a hilariously cheesy flash animation which has you liking the game from the get go, far more than you probably should. The actual game play is little more than a very pretty flash game, however with little tweaks and a variety of game modes, it stands out among the arcade style games on PSN.

Heavy Weapon is controlled with both analog sticks and one trigger button, making it very simple to pick up and play. Your ‘Atomic Tank’ moves along a roaming 2D screen while enemy vehicles come on from the sides.  At the end of each mission a boss appears, sometimes stopping the screen movement and changing the mechanic of combat. Your left stick is used not to move you through the level (the roaming screen does that for you), but to move around the available screen – dodging incoming fire. You point the right stick in the direction of your enemies and whatever fire power you have on you is hurled in that direction.  There is no ammo count, so indiscriminate is the way forward. When in a desperate situation you can pull the trigger to set off one of your collectable nukes to clear the screen and give you a breather. The game play is spiced up with a variety of power ups and upgradable weaponry such as lasers, anti aircraft guns and rockets. As was previously mentioned it’s not complicated, it’s just fun.

Heavy Weapon Atomic Tank

Apart from the main campaign, which consists of 19 levels there is also an unlockable blitz mode, survival and multiplayer all supported by trophies. The soundtrack is suitable to the content and the graphics are crisp. While nothing about the game sets it apart from other PSN titles, everything it does to is of a good quality, making it a sound little package. The only complaints that can be leveled against the game are the repetitive nature and sudden spike in difficulty around level 4 – if you don’t level your upgradable weapons properly the missions can become a real struggle.  Heavy Weapon is up to filling in the gaps between the A-list titles hitting this summer, however there are better titles out there if you haven’t yet picked them up.  For the old school crowd, this one will appeal more.

7 Ninja Heads out of 10

7 out of 10 rating