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Fortnite - Hottest Game

In the last decade gaming has moved from something ‘nerdy’ into the most mainstream. It’s partly a shift in culture with the tech savvy generation coming of age and realising how much fun can be had in these virtual worlds. The other side of it is that games have come so far. There is a certain charm to simple, fun, games but now we have the option of immersive worlds filled with different challenges and unique characters.

Alongside this there has been a massive technological improvement. Games have got better, and PCs have got exponentially better year on year. Every single component has been improved, with cool additions and extras to make It an even better experience.

For the best gaming It’s about setting up your rig. This starts by building the right PC from the ground up and getting all the hardware in the right place. By selecting the components which work well together you can play all the best quality games. Combine this with a great speaker system, a comfortable chair and the most advanced mouse then you’ll find you can really immerse yourself in the game and perform better.

Best Gaming Experiences 2018

The range of games available now Is also growing each year. There are different genres hitting the mainstream and growing in popularity all the time. There are different ways to play and you can now either choose solo or play with literally thousands of people at once across the globe. have created a site with all the latest information and a complete list of the best games in 2017/18. Mass Multiplayer online games still make up the vast majority of popular games on the market. Thousands of people logging on at the same time to achieve a common goal, or compete together is an amazing experience and It’s no surprise that games like Fortnite are still on the top spot.

However some alternative genres are taking the gaming world by storm. Horror games have now become really popular. Higher quality graphics and better sound systems let you get into the game as much as possible. First person horror games around haunted houses, isolated carnivals or with undead chasing are all about getting the adrenaline going. If you want an insane experience that will stop you sleeping then check them out.

NSFW games definitely aren’t for everyone but let’s be honest, they can be fun! Raunchy games combine some racey graphics with some (fairly basic) storylines to add a new dimension.

Simple or complex there is a lot you can experience now so whether you like the long quest games or you prefer a simple point or click there’s always something new!

The Best Games have put together a massive list of the best possible games out there right now. This includes all the names you’d expect like Fortnite and Minecraft, but also some lesser known alternatives like The Park.

So if you’re looking for a great new experience to make the most of your setup then is your first and last stop for getting some new ideas.