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Today the website for the upcoming MMO by NHN, Karos went live. has a registry for people wishing to participate in the closed beta starting mid-August. Also there are forums and information sections about the game. Good news? Well it gets better.

Karos is looking to set itself apart and every time I hear from NHN they seem to be doing just that. 2 new types of dungeon will be added to the game, on top of traditional MMO areas –

Event Dungeons
 – Parties up to five players can experience this style, where progression through the environment will evolve in response to their actions, with bridges collapsing, ceilings falling to the ground and passages appearing in cracks on walls.

Maze Dungeons – Integrated in the open world with no party size limit, the dungeons will move and shift constantly to affect the party’s path, offering dynamic routes.

Interesting stuff, but I predict the Maze dungeons to be annoying as hell at some point! Additional info on the plot exists on the website, the heroes are fighting over the world’s energy source and in turn this energy is then used as a basis for a unique and complex alternate progressions system, with traditional levelling still within the game. The energy can be used to increase stats, give buffs and buy items.

Karos play screen

With 5 races and 9 classes to choose from (that’s 36 combinations for those counting), new and old ideas, all wrapped up in a game that is free to play boasting low minimum spec, Karos is shaping up nicely. For those who are interested head over the website and sign up, Koku Gamer will be participating in the Beta so we’ll see you in there.