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After what has seemed like a fairly lengthy development cycle, Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep would be hitting store shelves September 7th, 2010 for the PSP.

Additionally it was also announced via the PlayStation Blog that Birth by Sleep, like many other titles before it, would be getting a bundle entertainment pack and will retail for $199. The entertainment pack will include the following:

  • “Mystic-Silver” PSP-3000 system
  • KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep on UMD (Universal Media Disc)*
  • Movie (to be announced)
  • 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo

While no information has been given on what sort of movie will be included, it has been noted that the movie will not be related to the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Birth by Sleep is in fact a prequel to the series, and puts you in control of three main characters: Terra, Ventus, and Aqua.  The game has been talked about (or at least speculated on) since the secret ending to Kingdom Hearts 2 on the PS2. Most people thought that the secret ending was some sort of prelude into what would inevitably become Kingdom Hearts 3, but instead turned out to be for Birth by Sleep.

Of course you could expect the usual Disney universes to make an appearance, as well as some new ones that of course have not been announced. For more, check out the new trailer below.