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It’s almost that time of the year again. Yes, I’m talking about E3 2010. We’re less than a month away, and the anticipation has begun to boil. Last year’s E3 was spectacular-but-frustrating, with Project Natal and Playstation Move making teased debuts and leaving legions of gamers anticipating the full-scale reveal of these latest technologies. In addition, hot titles were announced and dangled in front of the onlooking public – such as Crackdown 2 and APB – only to be pulled out of full-scale reach.

This year, E3 2010 looks to leap the bar set by last year’s expo, and serve as a return to form (at least for content) of gaming’s Christmas-in-June. We’ll finally get a chance to get our hands on Project Natal, as well as the Playstation Move, in addition to potential game-changers like the 3DS. Moreover, games that were promises will now become more fleshed out realities, and will join a slew of exciting and unexpected announcements on the software front.

Lucky for you, Koku Gamer will be going to E3 2010, to bring you the best live coverage from around the industry. We’ll tackle anything from hands-on gameplay, developer interviews, to a ton of other video, picture, and live-blog content to keep you up to date.

We’ll be arriving on June 14th and start our coverage with the Microsofts E3 Press Conference, followed the next day by Sony and Nintendo’s, and will use the entire week to cover as many games, and game-related developments as possible.

See you guys right here, from June 14th to 17th; it’s gonna’ be a blast.