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Korean MMO publishers NHN have announced that they will release Galaxy Gate’s Karos Online this Autumn in both Europe and Korea simultaneously.

Galaxy Gate was previously responsible for Last Chaos, a free-to-play MMO released in 2004.

This is NHN’s first European title and closed beta testing will take place to ensure the title fits into the Western play style. They are releasing the game in English first, with German and Turkish soon following and possibly others. Videos of the game are available on the Karos Online website.

Gameplay features will include quests, guild fights and mass PvP that revolves around Fletta, “the world’s vital energy source”. Fletta will contribute towards the game’s “unique and complex alternate progression system”, but you can still apparently grind (groan).

The graphics actually look quite nice and it’ll be optimised so that lower-spec computers can run it. Looks like WoW finally has strong competition. Well, you never know…really, you never!

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