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Lair of the Leviathan is the third part in the Tales of Monkey Island series from Telltale, anyone who has played the series thus far knows what to expect, or do they?

With Guybrush Threepwood (mighty pirate) now trapped inside the leviathan, all the plot hooks from the previous two instalments start to come together resulting in some pretty hilarious and downright strange situations. It’s your job to guide our intrepid hero out of the bowels of the sea creature and lead him to el spongo grande to cure the world. This time round the instalment takes place in a very limited area and the tasks at hand are staring you in the face, however in perfect point and click form part 2, 4 and 6 of the puzzle are obvious but the bridges to the gaps are missing. Only through logical and sometimes wacky thinking can you proceed through the plot.

The difference between the third part and the previous two is that nothing is beyond your reach due to items being too small to notice or obvious solutions not working, because of this you are less likely to find yourself frustrated with the tasks at hand leaving you to enjoy the fantastic humour. While the puzzles may be less complex it doesn’t feel so easy that you cake walk the game, it’s a perfect balance of enjoyment.

Graphically there is nothing new here and once again some of the character models make a return, but these are moot points for an instalment in what is essentially one game, many big name games repeat the same models through-out. The voice acting once again is top notch with a script that will have you laughing out loud and the new characters introduced feel well realised and memorable due to both the above factors.

Lair of the Leviathan raises the bar for the series after what was a slightly disappointing second part, if you haven’t bought the series already there are demos available on Telltales website for you to try, but for anyone who has tried any Telltale point and click the purchase is an obvious one. With only two instalments to go Lair of the Leviathan has re-hyped me for the series and rewarded those who have bought the five part deal already, hats off to the new kings of point and click once again.