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It seems Square-Enix has stated that the media blitz for Final Fantasy Agito XIII will begin early next year. This is nice to know considering very little is currently known about the game and more information would help consumers know what to expect with the game as it seems to have changed a bit over time.

Kingdom of Hearts Birth by sleep logoAnother bit of news from Square-Enix is that Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep has a release date. Kingdom Hearts fans(who don’t mind importing) Mark January 9th on their calendar. Still no word on a US release date or a European release date but once the game releases the wait will probably be less unbearable.

Peter Molynuex has also confirmed again that Fable III will indeed have Natal support and still I wonder what he will do. As readers know I struggled to think of a way Natal could be used in a non gimmicky way for a game like Fable. I guess time will tell. There has also been talk that Fable III may have a in game micro transaction shop. Now personally I think this is abit outrageous. I don’t like the practice in MMO’s let alone a single player game. However until it happens and we see the content available it’s somewhat hard to judge.

Tales of Vesperia the first strike
In other exciting news it seems as if Namco Bandai are pondering making a Tales of Vesperia sequel. At the premiere of the Tales of Vesperia movie multiple members of the dev team let it slip that they were pondering a possible sequel. This is somewhat big news considering that normally games in the Tales series don’t ever have true sequels similar to Final Fantasy. However it seems the popularity of Vesperia is swaying them in the sequel direction. It would be nice to see a sequel following the further adventures of Yuri however don’t be expecting it anytime soon. If the game does happen chances are it will not be for quite some time. The PS3 version of the game has yet to receive a US or European release. So until that happens if at all we will probably not see any more news regarding a sequel to the game.

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

Other little tid bits have also been revealed about Final Fantasy XIII. The game will not have a install on PS3 and in addition the game will have almost no load times. According to Square-Enix the game will only load between towns and the field. Once out in the field the game will be completely seamless and will have absolutely no loading, I’m very interested in seeing how well the game flows with no loading and in particular if the Xbox 360 version will have the same ability to have no loading.

Arc Rise Fantasia
In other game announcement news we have word that Ignition Entertainment will be bringing Turn based Wii RPG Arc Rise Fantasia Stateside in Summer of next year. Also Resonance of Fate(End of Eternity in Japan) Has a release date in Japan of January 28(starting to look like Japan might be flooded with RPG’s in January isn’t it). For those who are unaware Resonance of Fate is the new RPG by Star Ocean The Last Hope developers Tri Ace and is almost completely based around gun play. The game is no action RPG or anything. But the game will feature guns and lots of them instead of swords and magic. Personally I thought the game looks very interesting in the few videos I saw and I’m very interested to get my hands on it. No US release date has yet been announced but considering the game was already renamed for the US we do know it’s coming here.

Resonance of Fate
Lastly it seems we may be getting a new Prinny game for the PSP. For those that don’t know awhile back we got a game on PSP staring a Prinny from Disgaea Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero? Went on to become a cult hit and is now so beloved that you can even download the Hero Prinny as a extra character in Disgaea 3. Well it seems we may now be getting a sequel to the game. Nippon Ichi has announced another game in the series however the name isn’t entirely clear as it seems they are covering up some of the name with ???’s. What this means I don’t know but with Nippon Ichi’s crazy humor I’m sure we will find out soon.

Well that’s it this week. I would normally have a feature for you but I am dealing with sickness at the moment as well as a PC that decided to die for no reason. Be sure to leave questions and comments and I will do my best to answer them.