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It’s level 04 of Level-Up Friday’s. Thanks for coming and goodbye…..

What? I can’t just skip this and keep playing Persona? *Sigh* Fine….

Well TGS took place a few days back and we have some good new so lets get right to it. So I can get back to playing some Persona PSP.

Disgaea infinite

Details behind Disgaea Infinite have been released and it seems the game is not your traditional Disgaea game. Disgaea Infinite is a visual novel staring a Prinny trying to solve a murder mystery. Now for those out there that don’t know what a visual novel is it’s basically a game that only has Voice over and text against pictures that function as a choose your own adventure type deal. You will get options at key points in the story line and your choices will directly effect the ending you will get(Most visual novels have countless different endings) The game will be out in Japan on November 1st and will cost 2500 Yen. This makes me wonder if we will ever see the game in the US as Visual Novels has never taken off here despite the incredible list of games in the Genre. However considering it’s got the Disgaea name backing it there is still a slight chance.

White Knight Chronicles

We also got official confirmation that there will be a White Knight Chronicles 2 despite the fact that the first game still has yet to be released stateside even though it will be coming here which I found quite amusing. It has also been revealed that the original game will feature voice chat when it is released in the US. A very important feature that was oddly missing from the Japanese version of the game. The game will also ship with all the updates the game has received in Japan already so there won’t be long massive updates for new players. Which is also a nice thing for those wanting to jump right in.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

We have also gotten word from Tetsuya Nomura that he is aiming for a January 2010 release for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He said the game may slip a little but he wants it our for sure before February. Keep in mind this is all about the Japanese release of the game and that we will probably have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on it. Nomura-san also let slip that the full reveal of Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday will probably be coming soon. Some test footage for the game was shown at TGS however it was not final. Still Nomura-san insists we will see the game in full form very soon.

The next bit of quite exciting news is that there was test footage for Final Fantasy Versus XIII shown at TGS. This footage was more or less just concept proving, such as showing how much of a difference they could make between day time and night time for example. Nomura-san even said that a large amount of the stuff in the test footage would not be used in the final game and that there was quite a lot of place holders in there from Final Fantasy XIII like NPC’s.  He also mentioned that the character design for main character Noctis will not change and has also changed very little over time.  He mentioned specifically the Noctis’ hair had been shorted a little bit but that was the extent as which he has changed over time. So as you can see it’s pretty much been no change for Noctis.

Lastly a new game in the Fate series(Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Unlimited codes) has been announced for the PSP. Fate/Extra is a RPG set in the Fate universe however it’s unlikely the game will actually be canon. The game will sport a new art style and story line and being a RPG will be completely different in terms of game play then that of Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Unlimited Codes. The game will feature the ability to choose a Male or Female main character so it is unclear at this point how Shirou will be involved if at all in the story line. There will be school segments as well as battle segments similar to that of the Persona series. It’s unclear at this point exactly how these segments will work and it will be interesting to see how they implement a leveling system considering how that kind of conflicts with the Fate storyline as there is no little minions or monsters to be leveling up on.

PSP Fate Extra

Classic Fate characters such as Rin, Lancer and Saber will be returning however it seems there will be a new character will be taking on the role of Rider this time around. As I said before many have speculated that the game will not be considered canon to the Fate/Stay Night story line and that many liberties will be taken because of this however there has been little information revealed about the game aside from a single magazine scan. The game is about %60 complete so a release date and more info should be expected soon. It is likely the game will makes it’s way stateside considering the recent release of Fate/Unlimited Codes for PSP which by and large has had a positive reception.

Well I would write some more for you but I have Persona PSP to play so until next week. Be sure to leave questions and comments and I will be sure to answer them.