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A Microsoft Executive has confirmed that the next PGR game is already in development via a blog post.

Tom Burt was posting on the ‘Customers’ blog over at Tesla and confirmed he was asked to supply sounds for both the PGR and Forza teams with his Tesla Roadster:

“A team of sound engineers from Microsoft Game Studios (some working on Forza, some on Project Gotham Racing) asked if I was willing to take my Roadster to a track so they could record a variety of sounds. Some time ago they had the opportunity to record Tesla motor noises when a prototype was being run on a dyno at Tesla. But the teams were excited about the prospect of recording other sounds, particularly tire skid and squeal noises, without the interference of loud engine and exhaust noise. Of course I said “yes.” ”

While the two games appear to be sharing assets rather closely, it does suggest that it might not be Forza developers Turn 10 in control of the PGR wheel. Or it could be that Turn 10 currently have two teams working on both series, that’s our bet.