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Apparently, modders have created a way for people to unban themselves, and it’s not by screaming on the message boards. The hack is called XanTium and it solves the problem and gets their consoles back on Xbox live. The only catch is that it is a risky and probably even worse thing to do. It involves going into your Xbox 360 and changing stuff. I’m not going to tell you what stuff needs to be done, Koku Gamer doesn’t condone such things, but I will tell you what is needed.

“your 8955 live console + cpu key
a 2nd unbanned console
nandpro b + flash cable
xell loader
1888 fs
robinsod’s flashtool”

If you really want to know more a simple search will work, but keep in mind that this is not the smartest thing to do. Just go get another Xbox and stop hacking. Everything is more fun when you play by the rules and it doesn’t screw over other people either.