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Modern warfare 2 Wallpaper During a podcast interview with Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb, Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling revealed new details pertaining to the upcoming Resurgence Package. Bowling confirmed that the map pack will include three all new maps, as well as two well known maps from Call of Duty 4. The three new maps included in the package are called Carnival, Trailer Park and Fuel. The two maps making their return from Call of Duty 4 will be Vacant and Strike.

Carnival, as you must have already guessed, will take place in an abandoned amusement park during the daytime. This map will be filled with lots of high vantage points for snipers. Although, there will be plenty of set pieces on the ground; such as a fun house, a castle, bumper cars, game stands, and roller coasters for close quarters combat. Carnival was originally intended to be in the first map pack, but was held back so they could polished it a bit more.

Trailer Park is a “super tight” maze-like map with lots of obvious choke points, so bring your SMGs and shotguns for lots of close quarters combat. This map is designed for the run-n-gunner.

Fuel is a sniper haven. It is split up into two sections. Outside will be a wide open space for snipers with scarce cover. Then, there will be large warehouse for the run-n-gunner and objective player. This map is almost as large as Overgrown from Call of Duty 4.

Just like the Stimulus Package, Resurgence will cost $14.99 (1200 Microsoft Points) and will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace on June 3rd.