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EVE Online developers CCP have released some new details regarding what sovereignty changes will come about when Dominion, EVE Online’s 11th expansion/content update, arrives in Winter 2009.

The big pull for EVE players is that sovereignty will no longer be tied to starbases, something that has long been wished for by players. Other big changes include the abolishment of the sovereignty level system which will be replaced by either having sovereignty or not having it. While more details are pending, we do know that you will plant a ‘flag’ that will link up with the borders of the system in order to take that system.

System upkeep costs will now be incurred for alliances and corps, with maintenance fees coming into play. Costs will also increase with every system gained, so your alliance will have to have both military and economic strength.

The new Investment system sees three areas available to focus on: military, economic and industrial. It will allow players to tap resources previously thought not to exist in systems. Also, a new ”Sovereignty Dashboard” allows high-up alliance and corps members to have an up-to-date overview of their alliance’s territory.

And with new console shooter Dust 514 linking with EVE’s world, it seems that it will also form a vital part in the sovereignty system.

All of this means that the way in which attacks are planned will change massively, as each system may provide a unique challenge.

If you want some more in-depth information on sovereignty changes, then check out this CCP developer blog.