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In case you were forgetting about that good old science fiction RPG Mass Effect 2 in lieu of all your new games. The good old people over at Bioware revealed a new squad-mate who goes by the name Samara. She is an Asari biotic who seems to be unable to button her vest. She also seems to be devoted to Sheppard to the point where it might just be unhealthy.

What else this video shows is that biotics may be a bit more useful than in the last game. As you can see in the video, it makes the powers in The Force Unleashed seem like child’s play. It’s unclear if she is a juiced up biotic or, what I’m hoping for, Bioware decided that biotic powers needed to be leveled up in this new game.  If so then we may just be seeing Mass Effect 2 taking a whole new look at what they are doing.