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Next month’s Spike TV’s 2009 VGAs is going to be something that no gamer on the face of the earth is going to want to miss. We’ve already heard quite a bit about some of the amazing goodies that are going to be revealed, such as non-CG Halo: Reach, as well as 2K’s AAA make-over for Spec Ops, to just name a few. However, today we’ve come across yet another unique little surprise to add to that list— Tron.

Yes you’ve read correct, Tron! Rumors of this Disney-made Tron title flourished a while back, (around January), but the teaser video for the apparent movie tie-in show below clearly illustrates how far the game has come since. The full trailer will be shown at the VGAs on December 12, so make sure you start canceling plans this instant, because trust me, this year’s VGA’s is something you wont want to miss.