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I can hear the cries of all the fanboys now.If you were one of the people that bought a PSP Go thinking it was the best thing since the first Kingdom Hearts then you will be sad to know that there are no plans for the Birth by Sleep to be loaded to the PSN (which is currently the only way to get games for the PSP Go). We kind of got a little hint that the PSP Go would be seeing Birth by Sleep earlier this year when they announced the PSP 3000 bundle pack.

Disney Kingdom Hearts

So is this the beginning of whats to come of the digital release of games? Will developers choose to make hard copies of games instead of the path that most people thought the industry go (digital)? I for one will despise the day that I won’t be able to stand in a line at 11:00 pm and wait 3 hours just get the new Call of Duty. How about you? Are you wanting to download all your games from your couch? Or are your in love with the atmosphere of being surrounded by people waiting to buy the same game?